Team für historische Simulationen / Team for historical Simulations

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This noncommercial website on behalf of the
Teams for Historical Simulations is run by

Karl-Heinz Kieckers
Hackberger Str. 2
40699 Erkrath

(In order to protect this website from spyware, the direct link to an email-form is no longer available. I apologize for any inconvenience.)


Our team and I do not conform to discrimination of any kind nor to any extreme political statements.
Great care is taking in choosing links to other websites but still I cannot take responsibility for others. You may place a link to our website, but please let me know.
All pictures or texts on this website are published with the consent of their rightful owners. No part of this website such as pictures, texts or documents may be published elsewhere without my special approval.
I try my best to have our website up to date, still "shit happens", so if you spot anything wrong, offending, misleading or missing, please get in touch via email and let me know, so I can correct it.

Thank You and enjoy our website!