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Squigg Hopper Dungeon Race

Ladies and Gentlemen! Place your bets right now! The first race will start immediately.

Watch spectacular action, daring stunts and desperate struggle in a full-contact and bloody competition!

The racing-season 2015 will start at Tactica in Hamburg on the 21st and 22nd of February!

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Our team bei IMPACT in Uden, May 2014

We are here! The race control Let the race begin!

All gaming-equipment and concept by Georg "Nurgle" Albrecht with a little help from Karl-Heinz and Carsten.
Original concept and design by Viktor Svärd und Sebastian Magnusson published by Games Workshop.
Terrain built from "cavern moulds" by Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture covers an area of 100 by 120cm.
Miniatures straight from Games Workshop or converted. On how to convert Squigg Hoppers see Robert's LAF-Thread. Up to 8 Squigg Hopper may take part in a race. Casualties should be taken into account.