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WW1 air-to-air combat

The game system Wing of Glory (formerly Wings of War) is a mixture of board- and wargame. The basic set and boosters provide ready painted miniatures as well as all equipment for an entertaining two-player game.

Rules are easy to learn. The space requirements are at least 100 x 70 cm. However, played by two teams of 2 to 4 players per side 100 by 140cm will be needed. Special play mats featuring a painted landscape are available. Although looking quite good, you could as well use a flat wargames terrain or scenic mats from the model railway shop will do. Some patches of model moss will represent wooded areas. In fact most equipment for N-gauge railways systems would fit nicely, but will hinder the movement of the plane's trays.

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Wings of Glory is set up quickly, does not need to much table-space and storage and is simple to play thus providing our team with a pleasant alternative for more serious wargames.
WW2 - Wing of Glor (dogfights in the 2nd World War), Sails of Glory (naval warfare in Napoleonic period) and Star Wars X-wing feature similar mechanisms and equipment.
pilots move their planes into position manouvering using the "flight recorder" under fire