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Siege and Relief of Fort George
in the American War of Indepedence

The scenario is based on the Penobscot expedition of 1779 in contemporary Maine. It's a little-known episode from the American War of Independence but Bernhard Cornwell describes it elaborately in his novel "The Fort" which inspired us to prepare this game under the direction of our team member Bernhard Hennen.

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Focal points of the game are the rebellious forces which are preparing to assault Fort George. It's located on the Majabigwaduce peninsular and is held by a British Loyalist garrison. A French contingent supports the assault from a fortified emplacement while British relief forces including Hessian mercenaries converge by land and sea. Regarding the historical account we took the liberty to expand the scenario here and there. In spirit of an interesting game on a scaled down board we wanted to field various troops which took part in the American War of Independence.

The game is played with hand painted 28mm miniatures and is designed for up to eight players. The rules are based on the Black Powder ruleset from Warlord Games with a couple of special rules for the scenario. The game is run by an umpire on a table of 5 x 3 metres. Guests with or without previous knowledge are welcome to join us for a few turns.

There are about 600 miniatures on the table mainly from Perry, Foundry and Front Rank. The board consists of variable Styrofoam tiles which were scratch-built by our team. Combined with self-made groves, buildings and small scenic vignettes as well as with commercially produced terrain pieces they represent the Penobscot bay where our scenario takes place. The larger forest areas are built up of trees from more-terrain and the excellent fort and entrenchments are from Grand Manner. The ships are conversions of Dixon, ships and the blacksmith's shop and the church are kits from Renedra, although the blacksmith's shop is an extensively expanded version of the Renedra farmhouse.

After the test game we tried this summer (see Monty's Caravan Blog for the report) the scenario goes public for the first time at Crisis 2013 in Antwerp. About one year of research and preparation has gone into getting the game on the table. It's a joint project of the whole team and each of us played his part in research, realistic modelling, detailed figure painting, critical game testing, laborious transport, stressful set-up and tear-down or coordinating efforts. Some ideas were neglected, some throwbacks born, alternatives were sought and found and harmonized among ourselves repeatedly, but at the end a result came about which we are now presenting with a certain amount of pride.
We hope you enjoy it as well*.

*Meanwhile Crisis 2013 is history and we won the trophy for "Best Presented Wargame". We are very proud! Have a look at some pictures or click Monty's Caravan Blog for the full report.

... and here are some mor pictures taken by Michael Immig and finished by Holger Bartnitzki

Pictures provided by Michael Immig, Stefan Königs and Karl-Heinz Kieckers