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The Quest for the „Lost Madonna"

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Avilá and surroundings on the road to the city inside the city

Ávila, a town situated in the province of Castile in central Spain in the year 1810. The fortified town is occupied by the French and garrisoned by fresh French troops and the remnants of the Leibregiment and Leibgarderegiment Hessen-Darmstadt, the „Hessos“ who are respected by friends and foes alike. The fortification is in a poor condition and British troops have been notice in the area. There are also guerrilla and contraguerrilla activities in and around the town, notable by the Liberal Freedomfighters of Castile and the Castilian Free Liberals, (Splitters!). The British troops consist of a handful of 95th Rifles and Company from the South-Essex regiment of Foot.
"Hessos" manning the outer wall Contras in front of there secret hide-out British spy on his way to further interrogations
There are rumours, that the „Lost Madonna“ is hidden somewhere in the city. This being a symbol to the Spanish nation since the Reconquista of Spain by the famous „El Cid“! The buildings are inhabited by even more protagonists (NPC`s) such as the town major and his beautiful daughter, an old aristocratic lady, several ladies of the night at „casa de putas“, the innkeeper of the bodega „Sancho Y Pansa“, a few monks, mad dogs and other more or less bizarre elements. Inside the buildings several valuable can be found, like provisions and jewellery, the cashbox of the French regiment, ammunition and black powder, beasts of burden and live-stock. Nearly forgotten, there is also a British spy chained to the walls of the French prison. He has not subbmitted to tortures and still is supposed to carry important information.
mule-train to Avilá all quiet at the city well more Contras enter Avilá
Based on this situation, the games receive their mission / briefing and take over the role of the dashing Captain Blunt (British), the slightly stressed Colonel Jean LeGros (French), a cutthroat named Pepe Santiago Y Compostella (guerrilla) or the former bandit chief José Felicidado (Contraguerrilla). Optional the roles of the experienced but pedantic Colonel von Hesselbach (Hessen-Darmstadt contingent) and the intriguing Sergeant Chickenshag from the South-Essex are on offer to create even more havoc.
Guerrillas (plus gun) and Rifles sneeking to the backdoor Blunt and the South-Essex pinned at the outer wall Contras on the rampage
We use „Chosen Men“-rules with special amendments for his scenario with 25/28mm miniatures of several manufacturers. The terrain-segments are do-it-yourself by the team, the resign-buildings again come from several manufacturers. A game-master is strongly recommended to deal with special circumstances, not covered by the rules and to encourage the role-playing-aspects of the game such as shotgun weddings etc. The missions / briefings for the characters must be prepared in advance and an index of buildings, their inhabitants and valuables is essential. Only the game-master should have access to the later.
Rifles securing a gate French restoring order within the city the "Lost Madonna", still to be found
Pictures in the top row coutesey Henry Hide of Battlegames , all others Holger Bartnitzki & Karl-Heinz Kieckers.
The scenario has been designed by Karl-Heinz Kieckers for the Team for Historical Simulations (THS) and first been presented at „Action„ in Rheindahlen in March 2007.
our crew at "Action"